Returns and Exchanges Policy

Information on how to get a returned ticket, how to return a ticket, refunds and ticket exchanges…

Problems Booking Online

If an message is shown which says that there are not enough tickets available for the performance you are trying to book for, but the performance is not marked as ‘sold out’, please note that the Ticketweb system can sometimes take a while to update to show the message ‘sold out’. Please note too that a performance will not show as ‘sold out’ until all the tickets for that performance have been sold.

As part of Ticketmaster’s anti-fraud measures, please note that if you have bought tickets once for a particular performance and want to buy tickets again for the same performance,  it will be necessary to use a different card.

lf you continue to have issues, please email us at

Getting A Returned Ticket

In the interests of being as fair as possible to everyone, you must pick up a numbered ticket in person on the day of the performance to get on to the returns list.

We cannot put you on a returns list in advance, and no requests for returns will be accepted by phone or email.

For the avoidance of doubt, if our telephone operators tell you to contact the theatre for tickets once they are sold out, please ignore them. Once our ticket agent Spektrix is sold out, then we have no seats left.

If we have a substantial number of tickets that have been returned in advance, these may be released for resale the day before or on the day of the performance. This happens rarely, but it always worth checking the online booking system on these days here. Any ticket releases will also be announced on Twitter – do follow our Twitter account. Most returned tickets, however, are not returned until the very last minute.

For sold out performances, please pick up a numbered ticket in person (one per person) from the Box Office downstairs, available from one hour before the start of the performance, strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that each numbered ticket can only be used for that performance.

Please be at the Box Office downstairs in The Finborough Arms pub five minutes before the start of the performance with your numbered ticket. We will then sell returns if there are any, strictly according to the numbers on the tickets. If you are not at the box office when your number is called or do not have your numbered ticket, then we will move on to the next person on the list.

We never know how many returns there may be and cannot guarantee that there will be any at all.

Returning Tickets

We cannot guarantee to resell any returned tickets.

Returned tickets will only be offered for sale once all unsold seats (including any house seats) are sold. Please bear in mind that – due to mandatory health and safety obligations – we will almost certainly have unsold house seats even at sold out performances.

If you are unable to use your ticket, we would be happy to honour your booking if you would like to give or sell your ticket on to a friend. Please provide them with the confirmation number of your booking for them to collect your tickets. We recommend that you do this if at all possible as it’s easier all round and guarantees that your ticket will be used.

If you cannot give your ticket to a friend, please let us know in writing by email or by post if you would like us to try and sell your tickets on for you. Please let us know your name, the date and time of the performance and how many tickets you wish to return. Alternatively, please just return your ticket to the Box Office on the day of the performance. Please note that once you have returned tickets, you cannot then change your mind.

Once any unsold Finborough Theatre seats (including house seats) are sold, returned tickets will be re-sold strictly in the order that they were returned to the Box Office. This may mean that sometimes the ticket will be resold for less than you paid for it – for example, if a full price ticket is sold to someone who is entitled to a concession.

If you have returned a ticket to us for re-sale, please check back with us at the interval or after the performance to see if it has been sold and we will provide you with a credit for future performance at the Finborough Theatre. We do not provide refunds for returned tickets.

If you have any questions or wish to return seats, please email us here


Except for cancelled performances, we regret that tickets cannot be refunded once tickets have been purchased.

We cannot refund tickets that have been booked in error, although we will try and exchange them for you if possible, subject to the conditions below. Please note that It is impossible to book tickets without acknowledging the terms and conditions which includes a warning to “Please carefully check the date, time and the title of the production. We often present two shows running concurrently as well as matinee performances, so please check you have booked for the correct show at the correct time.”

There is an option to purchase insurance when you buy your tickets. Ticket insurance covers customers who are unable to attend shows due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances – illness, travel delays or accidents etc.

Ticket Exchanges

The Finborough Theatre is an unfunded venue with only fifty seats, and ticket exchanges are difficult for us. If you are unable to use your ticket, we would be happy to honour your booking if you would like to give or sell your ticket on to a friend. Please provide them with the confirmation number of your booking and the last four digits of the credit card number that you booked your tickets on for them to collect your tickets.

At the discretion of the management, and strictly subject to availability, we will exchange tickets for another performance of the same production only.

Except for Friends of the Finborough Theatre, tickets must be exchanged at least three clear working days prior to the date of the performance in writing by email or by post. We regret that we cannot accept exchanges by telephone or in person. If you return the tickets after three clear working days prior to the date of the performance, they will treated as returns (see Returning Tickets above). Please note that once you have offered tickets for exchange, you cannot then change your mind.

Please note that we require at least one week’s notice if you wish to exchange more than 10 tickets for a single performance, and also bear in mind that if you are exchanging tickets for a more expensive performance than the one you booked for, you will need to pay any difference in ticket price.

The first exchange is processed free of charge. Any exchange thereafter is subject to a handling fee of £2 per ticket.

The management reserves the right to amend or cancel this policy at any time.

If you have any questions or wish to exchange seats, please email us here