#FinboroughForFree: Continuity

by Gerry Moynihan

Online until 31 December 2021

The world premiere production from 2017

Extended by popular demand to December 2021. To view, please click here.

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★★★★ Four Stars, The Guardian
★★★★ Four Stars, ReviewsGate
OffWestEnd OnComm Award

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A forensic examination of the soul of an Irish ‘freedom fighter’.

Pádraig Devlin is a dissident Irish Republican, who begins to have doubts about his commitment to The Cause after he meets and falls in love with a woman from Barcelona. Soon after meeting her, Pádraig botches three assignments in a row. The other members of his terrorist cell decide to test the love-struck Pádraig’s commitment. Has falling in love really weakened the resolve of a man determined to re-ignite the struggle for Irish freedom, and whose Republican credentials are beyond reproach? And just exactly what kind of test do they plan to set him? And how will Pádraig react when he discovers that he’s being tested…

Continuity is the story of a man who begins to question everything he has ever fought for – and marks a stunning debut from a brand new playwright.

About The Playwright Gerry Moynihan

Playwright Gerry Moynihan was born in Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1966. His first piece for theatre, a short play entitled Skiver, was staged at the Brockley Jack Theatre, and his full-length play Cailleach Óg won The Blackshaw Theatre’s New Writing Night Award last year and had its premiere at The Pleasance Theatre in March 2017. Gerry is an alumni of the Finborough Theatre’s ‘Introduce Yourself’ initiative as part of Vibrant 2015 – A Festival of Finborough Playwrights.

About The Director Shane Dempsey

Director Shane Dempsey directed the original staged reading of Continuity as part of Vibrant 2016 – A Festival of Finborough Playwrights, returning to the Finborough Theatre where he directed the epic The Non Stop Connolly Show by Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden for the centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016. Direction includes The Master and Margarita (The Bussey Building and Te Pooka Edinburgh), Seven Jewish Children (Arcola Theatre), LOL by Lee Mattinson (Clifftown Theatre, Southend-on-Sea), The Bay (Theatre503, The Space and Te Pooka, Edinburgh) and The Girl In The Box (Clifftown Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, and RADA Studios), Spring Awakening in a new version by Gary Owen, (Mercury Theatre, Colchester) and 13 (Clifftown Theatre, Southend-On-Sea). Assistant Direction includes assisting Nicolas Kent Called to Account (Tricycle Theatre), Jamie Lloyd on The Caretaker (Tricycle Theatre), Suzanne Gorman on Moonwalking In Chinatown (Soho Theatre). He has run Stagecraft – one of Ireland's leading youth theatres – since 1998 including programming work from Moira Buffini, Enda Walsh and Jack Thorne. He is also the founding member of Fragments, a dynamic physical ensemble in London. Shane was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland to train as a director at E15 Acting School. He went on to be invited to observe Lev Dodin of the Maly Theatre of St Petersburg in Paris and has also observed actor training in Moscow at the Vakhtangov Theatre. He has also led workshops in New York, Bangkok, Moscow and Beijing. His work also includes a landmark digital film archive, Mothers of Modern Ireland – A People's History www.mothersofmodernireland.com.

The Press on Continuity

★★★★ London Theatre 1
★★★★ Everything Theatre
★★★★ Prestridge2
★★★★ The Upcoming

“It is an Irish tour de force. Unmissable theatre…A one man virtuoso show.” Jeff Prestridge, Prestridge2

“Gerry Moynihan’s brilliant new play.” Paddy Briggs, London Theatre 1

“A stunning debut from a brand new playwright.” Paddy Briggs, London Theatre 1

“Gerry Moynihan’s raw and passionate monologue.” Mersa Auda, The Upcoming

“Moynihan’s monologue – which had its first reading at the Finborough Theatre’s Vibrant festival last year – is leavened with laconic humour and naturally flowing Irish idiom.” Dave Fargnoli, The Stage

“75 minutes of superb acting and writing.” Rob Warren, Everything Theatre

“Right now if you mention a play about Ireland and dissident republicans, first thoughts will surely be of Jez Butterworth’s stunning The Ferryman, and rightly so. But tucked away in the beautiful Finborough Theatre is a hidden gem of a play that explores similar themes.” Rob Warren, Everything Theatre

“Compelling and intense, this modern play evokes the great classical tragedies and manages to engage with more force than many productions with a higher profile.” Mersa Auda, The Upcoming

“A brilliant performance by Paul Kennedy.” Mersa Auda, The Upcoming

“Kennedy’s incredibly powerful performance.” Rob Warren, Everything Theatre

“Paul Kennedy’s fine performance.” Paddy Briggs, London Theatre 1

“As commanding and riveting a performance as you will see all summer on the stage, West End or fringe.” Jeff Prestridge, Prestridge2

“An atmospheric, nuanced performance from Paul Kennedy.” Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide

“A magnetic, carefully nuanced performance by Paul Kennedy.” Alice Josephs, Traffic Light Theatregoer

“A one-man show lives or dies based on the actor’s performance. Paul Kennedy makes Continuity sing absolutely beautifully.” Rob Warren, Everything Theatre

“A gripping experience under the direction of Shane Dempsey.” Mersa Auda, The Upcoming

“Another feather in the cap for Finborough Theatre and artistic director Neil McPherson. A fringe theatre that continues to punch far above its weight.” Jeff Prestridge, Prestridge2

The Press on the Online Release of Continuity

★★★★ Four Stars, The Guardian
★★★★ Four Stars, ReviewsGate
OffWestEnd OnComm Award

“Utterly gripping drama – political, personal and perceptive, with a strong sense of story.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

Continuity is an excellent 75 minutes of tense theatre, which continues the venue’s great track record of presenting great new writing.” Aleks Sierz, Aleks Sierz Blog

“This is the Finborough doing what it does best – the uncomfortable, the challenging, the relevant. Try it.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

“Worthy addition to the theatre’s growing roster of material which challenges and provokes…An early and worthy recipient of an OnComm award – try it for yourself and find out why.” John Chapman, 2nd From Bottom

“Short, magnetising play.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“Psychologically convincing and fiercely compelling.” Aleks Sierz, Aleks Sierz Blog

“This journey into the mind of a terrorist, into the mistakes of the past that affect today, into the history of rebellion is not a comfortable one but it is one well worth taking.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

Gerry Moynihan’s brilliant monologue debut.” Aleks Sierz, Aleks Sierz Blog

“Fine new talent.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“Monologues are tricky things but Moynihan has crafted this one skilfully.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

“Sharp piece of writing from Gerry Moynihan.” John Chapman, 2nd From Bottom

“A seamless fusion of the personal and the political…keeps you enthralled throughout.” Morning Star Online

“The mechanics of violent fanaticism are unpicked in Moynihan’s fine writing, from the gang’s gleeful and almost boyish machismo to their tunnel-vision adherence to a belief in the “purity” of their struggle.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“The piece is not only strongly written as an account of battered humanity, but this 2017 production, directed by Shane Dempsey and performed with enormous conviction by Paul Kennedy, is riveting to watch.” Aleks Sierz, Aleks Sierz Blog

“Powerful monologue delivered with power and charm by Paul Kennedy.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

“A first-rate performance from Paul Kennedy.” Morning Star Online

“Played with an intensity of focus by the excellent Paul Kennedy.” John Chapman, 2nd From Bottom

“Paul Kennedy as Pádraig gives a magnificently elastic performance.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“Both Dempsey and Kennedy use the space really well and the expressionistic dream sequences are powerfully effective.” Aleks Sierz, Aleks Sierz Blog

“Scenes change from violent beatings to pub quiz nights and Kennedy is adept at making the switches, mournful one minute and oozing testosterone-filled fury the next.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“Kennedy holds the stage throughout.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

“Dynamic and textured throughout, under the clever direction of Shane Dempsey and with tension-building music by Anna Clock.” Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

“Director Shane Dempsey ratchets up the tension and helps to draw a nuanced and often searing performance from Kennedy.” John Chapman, 2nd From Bottom

“Clear direction from Shane Dempsey.” Morning Star Online

“Director Shane Dempsey keeps it moving from past to present with great resource.” William Russell, ReviewsGate

Online until 31 December 2021