Artistic Director | Neil McPherson

Founding Director | Phil Willmott

Resident Designer | Alex Marker

General Manager | Matilda Russell

Assistant General Managers | Caitlin Doyle and Beth Drury

Playwrights-in-Residence | James Graham, Dawn KingAnders Lustgarten, Hannah Morley, Carmen Nasr, Shamser Sinha, Athena Stevens and Chris Thompson

Playwrights on Attachment | Abigail Andjel

Literary Manager | Sue Healy

Deputy Literary Manager | Rhys Hayes

Literary Assistants | Sibylla Kalid, Alice Chambers, Ella Fidler and Ella Gold

Literary Assistant (International) | Serena Haywood and Sian Rowland

Associate Producer | Arsalan Sattari

Associate Sound Designer | Julian Starr

Book Keeper | Patti Williams

Board of Trustees | Felix Cassel, Gordon HopkinsonRussell Levinson, Rebecca Maltby, Alice PakenhamAntonella Petrancosta and Paul Webster

And our many volunteers.

Supported by the Garrick Charitable Trust.

Supported by The Theatres Trust Theatres Protection Fund Small Grants Programme, supported by The Linbury Trust.

The Finborough Forum is supported by the George Goetchius.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Finborough Theatre has adopted the following policy to ensure that equal opportunities are implemented throughout the work of the company. This policy shall inform the Finborough Theatre’s actions and attitudes towards employees, volunteers and all members of companies working at the Finborough Theatre.

The Finborough Theatre recognises that individuals and groups have been and are oppressed on many grounds including gender, race, nationality, colour, ethnic origin, geographical location, sexuality, class, disability, HIV status. domestic status and responsibilities, religion, politics, age and appearance. No individual or group should receive less favourable treatment on the above grounds.

We aim to combat prejudice or discrimination in all forms. We recognise statistical evidence that suggests that women and those from ethnic communities are not, as yet, in a position of equality within the performing arts industries and we seek to address this in our work and our employment strategies. All those who participate in this company’s work will briefed on the policy and must agree to apply it in practice. The policy is deemed to be incorporated in the contract of employment and the contract of hiring the Finborough Theatre and it is a condition of service that all staff understand and operate the policy fully.

Copies of this policy are available on request.

The Artistic Director and the Board of Trustees of the Finborough Theatre board are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. The Committee will review the policy on an annual basis.

Registered Company and Charity Information

A company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England and Wales no. 03448268
Registered Charity no. 1071304
Registered Office: 118 Finborough Road, London SW10 9ED


The Finborough Theatre has the support of:

DLA Piper

The Finborough Theatre has the support of the Channel 4 Playwrights’ Scheme, sponsored by Channel 4 Television.

The George Goetchius and Donald Howarth Society of Friends’ Award.

Bill Kenwright


The Finborough Theatre is a member of the Independent Theatre Council, the Society of Independent Theatres, Musical Theatre Network, The Friends of Brompton Cemetery and The Earl’s Court Society

Environmental Statement

The Finborough Theatre is making a commitment to uphold the highest standards of sustainable operation in it s activities, and to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. We endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance, and to aim to achieve standards that exceed minimum levels required by legislation and local codes of practice.

We believe that it is our social duty to do whatever possible to reduce dependence on natural resources, and aim to conserve energy, water, wood, paper and all other resources as a matter of course. We also believe it is our responsibility to minimise our waste output by reducing, reusing and recycling where possible, and to apply these values equally to procurement of goods. The services we use we expect to have a similar ambition, and we will do our utmost to ensure that all contractors share our values.

We recognise that the Finborough Theatre is in a position to educate and inform a high volume of people about its aspirations. We will communicate wherever possible with our staff, users, local authority, suppliers, and local community.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and will continually review our performance to address any shortcomings.

Data Privacy Policy

The Finborough Theatre is commiited to ensuring that your data is handled sensitively and protected at all times.

If you would like a full copy of our Data Privacy Policy, please email us at